Thursday, December 01, 2005

missing you

I was just about to get up from bed,,
When suddenly someone I miss so much popped up into my head,
Someone whom I treasure and love so much,
Someone so dear to me, and that someone is YOU!

Then I thought for a while,
Memories of all those things we’d used to do,
And all the moments we’d been together suddenly flooded my mind,
And then I said to myself, “ I really miss being with you.”

Baby, I wish you were here beside me,
For every second of the day, I long to be with you,
But I can’t ‘coz you’re always far away,
And all I have and I can hold on to are scattered thoughts of you.

How I wish fate would soon give us the chance to be with each other,
Coz I long for only you,
I long for your words and your gentle touch,
Oh... I guess missing you really makes me ache so much...


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